Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exam period

getting less sleep,
getting more stress,

and ends up "dull+ imbalanced skin tone+ dark circles" and also free gift( pimples)

realised this happenned to most of my frens when i saw them
and i
can imagine how much those ppl burn their midnite oil... :P

still, one paper to go...
but i am not that into it. T______________T

Friday, April 23, 2010

The end path of university life

5 years of university life gonna end soon..

all the memories, experiences, knowledge i get in this uni..

gonna miss everything here.

Anyway,wish all who gonna sit for the very last final exam in our degree course :

doing the best preparation / enjoying the time left/ eating around malacca/ precious gathering with frens

Bless everyone.


Friday, November 27, 2009

admitted to hospital

lice just back from hospital tis morning..
admitted to hospital for 5days 4 nites..
kinda weak right now T_______________T
with the antibiotic fighting against my infection..
and still,
i am not fully recover yet.
have to consume medicine at home and
consult doc on 1st dec again..

reported by:
poor weak lice

Friday, November 20, 2009

high fever

high fever 39.9!
Am suspected to have dengi or wat "ji gu" sickness right now..
Doctor said the second day of fever cant judge the conclusion yet..
But due to my symptom :fever, bone pain...etc.
Doc said he highly suspect so as recently many ppl having tat too.

I hate myself being so weak..huh..

Friday, November 6, 2009

disaster life of an auditor

ever try any disaster experiences in your life?????????

on 4th nov, my flight at 710am i get to wake up at 5smth , reached airport at 630am.
and tht MAswings -foker plane really drove me crazy..
i dun feel good for the shaking flight all the way to sibu..
at first i thought the shaking was due to bad weather or air pressure,
but.........................the pilot reported the weather is good!!!!
NO more foker plane for me next time pls!!!!!!!!
it costs more than the Mas airbus plane
and they dun even provide tibit(nuts) like wat Mas usually did.

once reached sibu, me and my colleague headed to the client's office straight,
and the client asked the guard to send us to their factories...
about an hour car ride, and the bumpy road really made me seriously sick..

and.........working life really terrible, once we reached there, we started our stock take straight
without rest..
even i was so uncomfort..

the factories are really huge in dimension...
two days of stock-take really made my leg broke...
counting the logs, plywood, bundles of products up and down..
which i cant believe tis is wat a gal should do...
gals are really extinction animal in the factory!!!!!!!!!!!
but auditor did watever........wat to do~~~~~~~~

exhausted back in kuching yesterday nite at 8pm......
feeling sick thinking of the 830am working hour the next day..
back home with my small cousin, esther chit-chating with me..

sometimes she is so lovely and cute.............
when i reached home, she said" alice, i miss you so much..." with huggies
tht really made me feel better... *love you esther*

P/s: to my gang, thnks for the present..i jus received it when i back sibu home.. i love it!

my doubt: gonna be auditor after i graduate?????

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

trailer of my coming schedules

gonna be very busy in my future period...
flying back to sibu for outstaion...

gonna stock take for a Timber and logging company which located quite ulu in sibu...
early morning 710am flight to sibu tomolo......i hate early flight!!!!
and well...coming back on fri cause fri nite is my company annual dinner , while saturday is our company annual trip..

so though from monday on, i need to be in sibu for more than half months for audit(after the audit back to kuching, the next day is my exam day)T______________T..
we still need to head back kuching for the company event.
anticipating for the annual trip- jungle trekking and jangkar waterfall..
one of the tallest waterfall in western sarawak.. ( wow......finally i get the chance for the natural exploration)

wat we gonna sacrifice for the scenery: gather at office at 630am, one hour plus car journey to the destination, 1hour and 45 min jungle trekking walk to the waterfall, traditional cooking for our lunch .....
to gain: beautiful waterfall, nice experience, natural gacuzzi, waterslide, and Memories!!!!!!!
bless me for healthy mind and healthy body..:)

a nite with my sister

last week, my dad came to kuching for some biz stuff.
and he promised me and my sister to hang out for a dinner...
who knows, things really happenned out of our expectation as always...
he called us and declared that he will be busy with his client and could not make the dinner a deal

well dad..
you really know my sis and i so well..
you volunteered to sponsor our dinner
before we are asking you for tht...keke...

my sis and i headed to Tenji Japanese Restaurant..

freaking tired after work and still we enjoyed the dinner.. i love the shasimi the most!!!!!! and well...tis dinner costs us a lot too..(thnks daddy).

A nice Japanese restaurant (thumb up) .